Italian Gestures PT.2

Author: Alessia Di Cunto.

(N.B. Here we are with the second part of “Italian Gestures”! I’m so so so much proud of this hard work. Can’t wait to read your opinion right below in the comments)

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Italian Immigration

Author: Alessia Di Cunto, 17/01/2021.

I’m so proud of this article, as it includes my university’s studies, my culture, my family. I hope you will enjoy it too! Can’t wait to read your comments.

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Italian gestures PT.1

Author: Alessia Di Cunto, 10/01/2021.

Italian people are known all around the world for their kindness, the way they host and help people (I know, I’m an Italian girl. How couldn’t I say so?).

One of the first thing that a stranger could say about us is that we always use our hands while we talk; in fact, one of my professors always said that we had to learn how to stop using them, because someone could misunderstand our intentions.

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