Coats 2020-21: trends and models for winter

Written by: Valentina Madonia, on the 26/11/2020.

(N.B. What I loved the most about this translation was learning all these types of coats. Furthermore, it gave me the chance to understand what are this year trends. Useful, isn’t it?)

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Written by: Chiara Salomone, on 12/04/2020.

(N.B. Translating this article was absolutely awesome. I had the chance to work on so many different structure and translation techniques. Hope the result tells how much I worked on it)


Case Study: Steve Jobs

Written by: Chiara Salomone.

(N.B. This translation was a little bit harder than the others. Actually, it was difficult to reduce italian paragraphs as english grammar requires)

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How to match…

Written by Eloisa Scolastra, instagram post @eloisascolastra.

(Please Note: This is my first active translation from italian to english realized for my translation portfolio. I’m very proud of the result, honestly, but of course it was quite hard focusing on the structure of different paragraphs. Plus, agreeing with Eloisa, this work’s difficult part was creating an article, starting with instagram posts. What do you think about it? Leave a feedback in comments)

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