Italian Gestures PT.2

Author: Alessia Di Cunto.

(N.B. Here we are with the second part of “Italian Gestures”! I’m so so so much proud of this hard work. Can’t wait to read your opinion right below in the comments)

Last time we talked about how important it is for Italian people to use them while speaking with someone else. It’s part of our culture, our way of thinking and communicate.

During these weeks, I saw that that post had been incredibly appreciated by my readers, so I thought it would be fine to post the second part too! What do you think about it?

So, let’s begin again!

1.Look at that…

Design by: Francesco Pisciottano

This gesture is used not just in Italy, but also in other countries worldwide, especially in Europe. It means “look what’s happening right there!” or “look at that fool”. To summarize, it indicates amazement, astonishment, or anger.

How to do it? Open-handed, just extend your arm and indicate that specific person, object or situation you want to draw attention to.

2. Mamma mia, what happened!

Design by: Francesco Pisciottano

This one is used very often, especially among friends when talking about a party or an incredible fact happened not so long ago. Your goal is to make your friend curious about what you’re about to say; you’re going to tell something that he/she can’t imagine, something that happened when he/she wasn’t there.

How to do it? Open-handed, again, draw some circles in the air point your hand to the ceiling. Use your forearm to help and guide you.

3. Let’s go!

Design by: Francesco Pisciottano

You’re joining a party, a conference, a movie. You’re with someone else, when suddenly something embarrassing, dangerous or similar happens. Use this gesture to indicate to your friend (or anyone who’s with you) that it’s better if you go away!

How to do it? Shake your wrist left to right while closing your fingers together, close to each other. Your thumb should press on the middle of your index, and the other ones should create a kind of scale: from the index (completely closed) to your pinky (fully extended).

4. You pussed out, ah?

Design by: Francesco Pisciottano

Your sister is telling you something really scared that just happened to her, you made a terrific joke to a friend of yours, your girlfriend just screamed while watching an horror movie… These are all situations where you could use this gesture. It means something like “you got really scared, didn’t you?”.

How to do it? Open and close your fingertips all together fast, pointing them to the ceiling, but just with one hand.

5. F*** you!

Design by: Francesco Pisciottano

I know it could sound rude, but this gesture means just that! You can’t stand that person anymore, he/she just humiliated you. Or for example you would just say “no way I’ll do that”. Use this gesture and everyone will figure out what you wanted to say!

How to do it? Clap your right hand to the inside of your left elbow. When your hand claps, bend your left elbow pointing right with your left wrist.

6. No way, you’re crazy!

Design by: Francesco Pisciottano

Another gesture that we could use if our message is “no way” is the following. Unlike the previous, who does so means something like fear in doing something, someone who knows that that specific action will go wrong one way or another.

How to do it? Do you guys remember what you do when you’re in a stinking place? Probably, you’ll fastly shake your hand in front of your nose left to right, with the fingertips closed to each other, maybe the thumb in the middle of the palm. That’s the same action, but with an astonished expression on your face, rather than a sickened one.

I hope you loved this rubric! Thanks for reading, have a nice week.


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