Coats 2020-21: trends and models for winter

Written by: Valentina Madonia, on the 26/11/2020.

(N.B. What I loved the most about this translation was learning all these types of coats. Furthermore, it gave me the chance to understand what are this year trends. Useful, isn’t it?)

What does fashion tell us about the coats trends for Fall-Winter 2020/21?

This year the cauldron is really rich and suites every tastes, especially those who love outerwear with oversized volumes and maxi lengths.

Yes, because if in the past seasons the spotlight was on short and screwed coats in basic colours, while this winter the trends turn in the opposite direction, offering very longsuper coloured coats characterized by exaggerated and deconstructed shoulders that go down along the arms.

The coat thus becomes the real star of the outfit, responsible not only for keeping us warm, but also (and above all) for giving us crazy looks!

On my Instagram profile @valentinamadonia we had already talked about it in outline but today we will discover together all the main seasonal trends for 2020-21 coats!

Robe coat with belt at the waist

Also known as the “bathrobe” model, this type of coat is in my opinion the real must of the season.

Tendentially in camel colour (I hope you have at least one camel coat in your wardrobe, an indispensable and super chic must-have for several seasons now!), many different brands proposed it and you can therefore find it available in any price range.

The robe coat gives a sophisticated touch to even the simplest outfits and the belt at the waist highlights the waistline, giving the silhouette an unprecedented femininity.

Comfortable, warm and with that bon ton touch: choose this model if you don’t want to give up elegance, preferably in virgin wool and soft cashmere.

Double-breasted coat with a masculine cut

Women’s fashion has increasingly seen an androgynous style assert itself, offering distinctly masculine garments and, even more often, symbols of the successful man, adapting them however to the female figure.

This year there are many 2020-21 coats models with purely masculine and vintage cuts, often with deconstructed shoulders and military references.

Teddy bear coat

It is not a new entry in the field of winter coats, we met it a few seasons ago but it does not seem to want to give up its place among the must-haves of outerwear.

The teddy bear coat is undoubtedly the warmest, softest and most comfortable model we have ever tried, perhaps that’s the reason why we find it so hard to replace.

The real news concern the colours and volumes: green light for super showy and bright shades, from cobalt blue to fuchsia, from yellow to burgundy red, then ranging from all pastel colours. However, the basic colours white, black and grey and, of course, camel remain valid.
The volumes are large, maxi pockets and double-breasted buttoning appear.

The coat-shirt

This is one of the hottest and most exclusive models of this Autumn-Winter 2020-21: the shirt that becomes a coat.

It is a hybrid garment also called “shacket” and you can find it in wool, suede, tweed or cloth, in a single-colour or patterned version (the checks are the most popular!).

As it is a cross between a jacket and a coat, if you decide to wear it on the coldest days, make sure that the fabric is very heavy.

Leather coat

Matrix fans, this is your time!

If you are passionate about leather coats, in this winter season you will find bread for your teeth.

Leather outerwear is back in vogue (also and especially in eco variants), just think that searches on Stylight have jumped to 698% compared to last year! A real flashback!

Trench or more classic and elegant versions, not necessarily declined in black.

Checked coat: check, tartan, and houndstooth

An explosion of paintings officially took place, declined in different variations!  

Loved for their versatility and the touch of British personality that they can give to any look, checks are always a valid and approved option in winter outerwear, especially this year.

Whether they have a relaxed silhouette or a tighter fit, with or without a belt at the waist, with maxi lapels or double-breasted, coloured or basic shades: you can’t give them up!

Coat with fur on the collar and/or sleeves

The faux fur detail in the coat is inevitable, whether it is on the collar or on the sleeves, or even on both!

This retro trend makes the outerwear very chic and refined and is ideal for evening and more refined outfits.

We find it on trench coats, double-breasted models and dressing gowns.

I was wearing: KAOS Coat

What do you think about it? Do you like the 2020-21 coats trends? Let me know!


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