Colors’ meaning and psychology

Written by Eloisa Scolastra, instagram post @eloisascolastra.

(N.B. Writing this article was not that difficult as I thought. Hope it came out well)

  • The meaning of blue

It has just been decreed by pantone as the 2020 color, and this made many fans of this color happy. But do you know what kind of messages blue communicates? Wearing blue helps us communicate authority, respect and trust. For this reason it is perfect for those who have to teach or need to be a guide for others.

  • What black communicates

Wearing black gives us a strong, formal and elegant image. With its mysterious and impenetrable appearance, black tends to distance its wearer from others. If you like to wear it in daytime, combine it with accessories that revive your outfit, otherwise you’ll risk being somewhat sad.

  • The strength of red

Low morale? Heavy day ahead? Need to appear charged and dynamic? Wear red and you will transmit security, liveliness and panache! Instead, avoid it if you have a particularly authoritarian character because you will give the image of an aggressive and threatening person.

  • Yellow’s power

Do you have to give an important presentation and you want to focus not just on what you say but also on your image? Do you have a ceremony or event and want to catch everyone’s attention? Wear some yellow garments! Yellow, in fact, helps focusing the concentration and promotes hospitality and optimism. Don’t abuse it though, otherwise you’ll be eccentric and frivolous!

  • What white communicates

White represents innocence, purity and freshness. It helps to draw attention to yourself and to look like an orderly and cared person. Particularly recommended in summer, as it creates an impeccable combination with tanned skin. Be careful though, because white tends to widen shapes, so it is not very suitable for those who try to hide a few extra pounds.

  • The meaning of grey

Grey is a color that we can consider particularly neutral and for this reason it is often attributed a meaning of diplomacy and balance. Grey is perfect for all occasions, even if, if it is not associated with more vibrant colors, it can give a sense of sadness. In its darker shades, just like black, it is perfect for those who want to look slimmer and hide a few extra pounds!


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