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Written by Eloisa Scolastra, instagram post @eloisascolastra.

(Please Note: This is my first active translation from italian to english realized for my translation portfolio. I’m very proud of the result, honestly, but of course it was quite hard focusing on the structure of different paragraphs. Plus, agreeing with Eloisa, this work’s difficult part was creating an article, starting with instagram posts. What do you think about it? Leave a feedback in comments)

  • brown

Although we think of brown as a merely warm color, there are also cold variations of this color. Let’s see how to match it. Warm brown, such as chocolate, fits well with mustard yellow, blush pink, turquoise, orange or terracotta. Cold brown, on the other hand, like mocha or dove grey, pairs perfectly with magenta red, pearl grey, optical white or orchid violet.

  • blue

Well, yes we all know that 2020 is blue’s year (classic blue to be precise) but let’s see how we can match it the best. Warm blue, such as petroleum or turquoise blue, goes well with mustard yellow, coral red, blush pink and brown. Cold blue, therefore like classic blue, ultramarine blue or royal blue, perfectly combines with lemon yellow, emerald green, strawberry red and why not, also with the much loved black.

  • pink

Indicated as the female color par excellence, pink is one of the most worn colors. Let’s see some tips on how to best combine it. Warm pink, such as peach pink, goes very well with aubergine violet, brown, olive green and ivory. Cold pink on the other hand, such as candy pink, matches perfectly with cobalt blue, pearl grey, lemon yellow and emerald green.

  • green

Almost everyone has something green in the closet. It conveys calm and serenity and it’s quite awesome to wear. Yet, many do not know how to match it! Let’s see together how to wear it with super top combinations! Green in its colder shades such as lime, mint or emerald, combines very well with lemon yellow, orchid violet and electric blue. Instead, green in its warmer shades like khaki, sage or olive is perfect with blush pink, mustard yellow and copper / rust red.

  • black

How much do we like black? But you should know that it does not value everyone. If approached to the face you think it darkens you, try to use it in the lower part of the body (e.g. skirt or trousers). Let’s see how to match it. If you are reading this post during the holidays, match it with a color like silver or gold. It’s a classic but always beautiful. Black is awesome combined with cold colors such as grey, wisteria violet, ultramarine blue, optical white. But also combined with warmer colors such as caramel brown, mustard yellow, copper orange.

  • red

Red: odi et amo! On holidays we are studded with this color. Let’s see how to combine it to always be original. Red, in its colder shades, is gorgeous with electric blue, powder blue, pink, fuchsia, purple and also with… why not … with emerald green. Instead, red in its warmer shades I find it very interesting to combine with ocher yellow, sage green, blush pink, aubergine purple and brown. I love this color, and you?

  • yellow

How can I combine yellow? It is one of the most asked questions. Let’s see some suggestions for you. Yellow, in its colder shades, appears awesome with purple, fuchsia, electric blue, grey and emerald green. Yellow, in its warmer shades, for example ocher or mustard, instead goes really well with brown, burgundy, aubergine violet and khaki green.

  • pastel colors

One of the trends for this spring-summer is pastel colors. Let’s see how to combine them for our daily looks. Pastel colors can be combined with neutral colors such as white, grey, beige or dove grey, for a more elegant and sober look. Mixing them together will make your outfits look very fashionable. The combination with denim garments will give a more casual feel to your look. A monochromatic combination with pastel colors will be the top if you want to get noticed.

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